Project Management
for Accounting Firms

Get the big picture all in one place. Gryffin has everything you need to keep your accounting team on track and on time when tax season comes around.

A Place To Work Smarter, Not Harder

Keep your projects organized, your pipeline flowing, and your business growing with Gryffin.
Perfect for CPA firms, accountants, and bookkeepers.

Comprehensive Projects

Gryffin’s project hub brings together data, clients, tasks, meetings, emails, chat, invoicing and expenses, and more—all in one place.

Workflow Management

Tasks are connected to projects to ensure no task is lost, while automated workflows improve productivity and reduce non-billable management time.

Advanced Permissions

Seamlessly collaborate with internal and external teams without worry. You control what projects and data your users, clients, and teams can see.

Keep Your Team On Track

See your full scope of work on any scale. Gryffin was built to help firms easily grow and scale operations without losing sight of the small details:

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Client Management

Keep your team happy and your clients happier. Gryffin ensures you never misplace a client file or miss an email, and improving client communications and satisfaction.

  •  Attach clients to projects to track all client work.
  •  Upload and access client files anywhere, anytime.
  •  Attach and send emails directly from projects.
  •  Onboard clients and control what they see with advanced permissions
  •  Create automated workflows specific to your clients.

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Stop updating data in multiple places or letting action items get lost in long conversations. Our integrations make it easy to sync data between cross-functional platforms:

  •  Gmail Integration — Attach & send emails from projects
  •  Google Calendar — Schedule meetings and tasks together
  •  Drive — Generate documents within a project
  •  Slack Integration — Turn your chat into a project or task
  •  Stripe Integration — Track and manage invoices from Stripe

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