Blockchain Project Management Software

Project Management Software
for Blockchain Innovators

Want to grow your ecosystem as quickly and seamlessly as possible? Gryffin is the perfect project management for new and emerging blockchain projects.

Accelerate Mass Adoption Of Your Project

Gryffin empowers blockchain teams to build a collaborative environments
where you can manage your projects and workflows.


Automate your task management and workflows to improve productivity and easily scale your operations.


Don’t struggle to fit your forward-thinking projects into old-school project templates. Gryffin is completely customizable to fit your unique needs.


Is your team as decentralized as your app? Gryffin brings your entire team together regardless of where they are in the world.

Project Development

With Gryffin you can create workspaces dedicated to managing your development team, from task allocation to bug tracking and everything in between.

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Manage Your Ecosystem

Gryffin can help you expand your network by keeping on top of your communications. Onboard and improve relations with investors, vendors, customers, and industry partners.

  •  Easily create and track sales and marketing documentation.
  •  Attach and send emails directly from projects.
  •  Schedule meetings with external teams with Google Calendar integration.
  •  Onboard different types or users and teams with custom visibility controls.

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Expense Tracking.

Manage your development and marketing costs.

  •  Customize billing and payment methods for users.
  •  Track invoices and expenses on individual projects.
  •  Manage vendor invoices and communications.
  •  Stripe Integration — create project from Stripe invoices.

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