How Public Relations Project Management Software Can Improve Your Agency

The popularity of project management software has exploded in recent years. Industry-specific solutions are now a huge range of industries—and have been surprisingly transformative in many of them.

PR firms are no stranger to this kind of specialized software. From content distribution platforms to press relationship management, there is no end to the tools available. In the face of this, public relations project management software might seem superfluous.

What you might not realize is that by adopting the right public relations project management software, you can not only streamline your internal processes but also get a leg up on your competition.

Every aspect of your PR campaign can be improved through the use of public relations project management software

What Public Relations Project Management Software Can Do

From developing your strategic communication plan to basking in the post-campaign adoration of happy clients, there really isn’t a step in your project workflow that wouldn’t benefit from better project management.

Public relations project management software can be used to organize and tune your project funnel from top to bottom. You can use it to unite project tracking, analytics, scope management, task management, and budgeting all handled through one convenient platform. And it’ll be accessible to stakeholders 24/7, too.

All the various moving parts of your campaign can be made simpler using software that can manage projects specific to the needs of a public relations professional:

  • Writing and editing press releases, email campaigns, and other content assets
  • Planning press tour calendars
  • Tracking media and influencer outreach
  • Tracking link building campaigns
  • Conceptualizing social media and marketing initiatives
  • Collaborating with internal and remote team members

…and more.

Rather than using multiple tools to manage these processes, an all-in-one public relations project management software allows you to run your business in one place. This, in turn, makes it easier to monitor, analyze and improve resource allocation and time management.

It also makes short work of keeping communications streamlined among internal, external, and cross-functional teams, from your relationship manager to your graphics designers to the clients themselves.

Your project management software should be customizable and adapt to your workflow. Not the other way around

What Do You Want Out of Project Management Software?

There are core features your PR agency should demand of its project management platform. Look for…

  • Internal and external communication features, such as real-time team chat, messaging, and integrated inbox management.
  • Native integration of Google docs, sheets, and other collaborative tools.
  • The ability to track tasks, deliverables, and due dates.
  • Time tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Similarly, you want features that foster transparency and satisfaction with clients: client review or permission settings which give clients access to in-progress or completed work.

The right project management tool should boast enough depth, agility, and customization to suit your agency’s needs. But it also needs to remain intuitive and easy to learn with a nice, clean UI. Because the last thing your agency needs is a lengthy learning curve chopping up your scheduling and your routine.

Your clients are ready for 21st century PR solutions. Is your agency ready, too?

Is Your Agency Ready for a Digital Transformation?

Public relations is a pretty broad field. Your agency might be managing the public perception of a celebrity, steering local customers toward a small business, or even handling a major international branding initiative. Some agencies are likely doing more than one of those things on any given day.

Project planning tools can make your campaigns vastly more organized and efficient. They can boast enough adaptability and customization to offer versatility in project scope. And most importantly, the implementation of these tools will save your agency more money than it’ll cost.

Your clients are ready for and expecting 21st century PR solutions. Using public relations project management software will help your agency deliver on that. Is your agency ready to realize what so many other industries and their respective leaders have seen?