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Searching for a new and improved way to work?

Sick and tired of too many flat, one-dimensional spreadsheets that are hard to keep up to date?

While other workflow management platforms give you only one workspace to work with and only one way to work, we believe in freedom of choice. With us, you’ll enjoy unlimited workspaces and, even better yet, you’re not stuck with one basic design. You can customize your workspace to fit your needs.

A workspace is like a spreadsheet where you choose what fields (columns and rows) you use. You get to sort, filter, and view all of your information in one place…but it doesn’t have to end there.

Customizable Workspace Templates

Our customizable templates are built by you, for you, in real time. Need to change the workspace template? No problem. It takes only a moment to configure your workspace template with our drag and drop workspace builder.

Workspace Features

Recurring Projects:
Make a workspace template recurring, so that projects are created automatically with their designated tasks. Say goodbye to forgotten projects and missed deadlines!

Custom Workflows:
You can create multiple workflows for each workspace, allowing you to go from stage to stage seamlessly

Turn your template into a webform, and publish webforms on the internet to get outside data into your organization quickly and easily.

Custom Permissions:
Control what users see down to the most granular level, based on user type and the teams they belong to.

Your workspace templates are so much more than a spreadsheet – from customizing you tables to sharing your data with your clients and controlling what they can and cannot see –
Gryffin is an absolute powerhouse.

Choose Your View

Want to change the way you see your workspace?
It’s easy with our various viewing options. Choose from:


Table View: Filter projects by status, title, the person assigned, due dates, and more.


Feed View: See all activity that takes place within a workspace to monitor all changes being made by your team.


Calendar View: See what’s due when, keep track of deadlines, and create milestones and monitor your progress.


Chat View: View all conversations related to your project.

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And, best of all, once you’ve filtered your table the way you like it, you can save your preferred table views for quick and easy loading in the future.

Try it Today

Ready to experience the true power of customizable workspaces?
Then take Gryffin for a test drive with our 14-day free trial. Just be warned:
once you go Gryffin, you never go back!