SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies

Measuring and managing online content and web pages is imperative for agencies to understand the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Project management software should feature SEO reporting tools and capabilities to assist agencies with their campaign audits and to help them better understand rankings, impressions, positions, CTR, and bounce rates.

Gryffin offers a comprehensive SEO reporting tool for agencies. So what can Gryffin do for your agency? Let’s look at Gryffin’s capabilities and how the software can enhance and improve the results of your marketing campaigns.

Benefits of SEO Reporting Tools

SEO reporting tools provide information and key data that an agency needs to measure the effectiveness of content creation and outreach campaigns

Reporting tools can show that a site is falling in rankings, that impressions are up (or down), and they also can help teams understand if the click-through rate (CTRA) is falling, too. Without the tools to measure online data, marketing agencies are essentially in the dark about how their client’s site and content is performing.

What to Track?

SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies

Not every detail needs to be tracked, but there are key data points that are important to understand when measuring a campaign. Agencies need software with SEO reporting tools that track:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Traffic Changes
  • Page Performance
  • Goals/Transactions
  • Other Metrics

Keyword Rankings

Agencies need tools that help them uncover the top performing keywords and how their position is changing over time. When these keywords are integrated into content, they can help boost rankings, lead to more page views, and, hopefully, increase sales.

Traffic (clicks)

Why are sales low? The traffic of the site may be at a grinding halt. The more visitors a site draws, the higher the probability for converting those visits into action (i.e. Sales!). SEO reporting tools should help teams better understand traffic for a client’s site.

Pages (increasing or decreasing)

SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies

Keyword rankings affect page rankings. While it’s important to see how each keyword is ranked to better optimize content, agencies also need a reporting tool that shows them keywords a specific page is ranking for.

Gryffin also lets agencies save Google Search Console historical data beyond the 16-month maximum. While you can’t go back in time and access old data, once an agency signs up for Gryffin, it can begin saving all Google Console Data. Years later, teams can pull up these stats and compare them to current rankings.


How are your Google Analytics goals and transactions changing over time? What pages have seen an increase, or decrease, in revenue?

Set goals and measure the effectiveness of each campaign, too, with tools that allow you to view data over 30, 60 and 90 days. Compare rankings month to month or review three months of data for a better overview of performance.

There will never be a question about if a campaign is effective. Pull up the data and review it, then make the necessary changes to get the campaign back on track.

Other Metrics (Including CTR, Bounce Rate, Impressions, Positions, Ecommerce, Etc.)

SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies

Yes, rankings of pages and individual keywords are necessary to measure success. However, agencies also have to be able to view and assess the CTR, bounce rate, impressions, and positions of each page or site content.

Are visitors clicking on a link in the SERP’s? Review the CTR and find out. Discover what content or page holds the highest impressions. Changes to Google’s algorithms will always affect performance and rankings. See what page is ranking best and why. And then make decisions on how to boost those numbers…and rank higher on search queries.

Understanding the bounce rate also is important when measuring a campaign. What are visitors viewing and why are they leaving. If the agency notices one page gets views often but then visitors simply exit, it’s time to discover why other pages are seemingly ignored and why the content might not keep visitors engaged. The bounce rate data lets agency teams step back and look at a bigger picture. If something isn’t working, audit the page or the entire site. Change the campaign with higher-performing keywords. Write new content. Data related to bounce rate and other page metrics can empower the team to rework stale content.

What to Look for in a Tool

SEO reporting tools need to be comprehensive but they also must be automated. Agencies need tools that allow them to set parameters, including date ranges, without having to revisit these tracking updates daily…or manually enter every query or parameter. Time is costly, and the best software should help simplify processes and decrease time waste attributed to the revolving task of constantly entering the same data just to find the latest results.

Tools should allow changes to be made easily. Change dates and other data without frustration. Then send them to a client via an easily generated internal report. SEO reporting tools need to simplify processes, not complicate them.

Notes and assignments also should be easy to delegate to team members. Create tasks to address issues related to rankings or falling impressions. Assign them to a team member for further review.

Full automation from task delegation to campaign updates/changes is a must to simplify the data delivery and to help zero in on underperforming pages and keywords.

Try Gryffin Today!

If your agency’s current software doesn’t offer fully automated SEO reporting tools, it’s time to sign up for Gryffin.

Your company can sign up for a free trial to better understand the features and benefits of the program and how Gryffin’s comprehensive SEO reporting tools can simplify and more accurately measure your clients’ marketing campaigns. Gryffin is integrated with Google Search Console, Google Analytics and SEMrush; Gryffin also can connect with SEMRush to ensure that agencies are just one simple click away from the data they need.Get your client’s online presence to the top of the rankings and sign up for Gryffin today!