SEO Software Tools – Take Action

Those working in digital marketing or an SEO agency, are likely using a range of SEO software tools already. It is simply a part of the territory.

There are of course many famous tools for specific areas of SEO. However, some great tools are not yet as well known.

Want to inspire fact-driven and focused actions? Then this article is a must-read!

Seo Software Tools

There is a huge range of tools available. Some of the more commonly used SEO tools include:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. SERPs monitoring
  3. Backlink analysis
  4. On-page analysis
  5. SEO website comparison
  6. Image optimization
  7. Page speed (analysis and improvement)

Some tools will include more than one aspect of these processes, while others are more focused on just one or two of thee elements. 

Seo Software Tools

What are the Best SEO Tools?

Some of the best tools on the market are not always the most famous. These tools are worth their fees for digital businesses to get ahead. Those listed complement each other, meaning that each tool helps with different features.

Here are a few of the best SEO tools:

1.    SEMRush – This tool is a good allrounder, but is particularly useful for keywords, content development, and competitor research. The competition ‘spy’ tool is a great way to see exactly what competitors are doing, what content they are optimizing for, and what links they are building or attracting.   

 Of course, independent keyword research is also available. However, keywords are not of much use if they are not optimized on-page properly. Fortunately, a detailed and effective site analysis tool is also included.

2.     Google Data Studio – Is all about data and how to make the best use of it. Data drives most businesses to some degree and this intuitive dashboard allows users to interpret data in various ways. The data can easily be transformed into interactive charts and graphical representations.

It also helps with presentations and connecting real data to what is shown. The reports allow for businesses to stay on top of what is happening, spot trends, and highlight issues.

These live and visual reports help businesses focus on what is important. Scorecards also visually track KPI’s.

3.     ScreamingFrog – In their own words, ScreamingFrog is an “SEO spider” that provides technical SEO audits. Even the free version can gather a huge amount of information about website SEO metrics. It provides everything from broken links to page speed insights. While possibly not the most attractive of tools, the data it provides is gold for digital marketing and website development.

4.     Gryffin – The Gryffin project management tool helps to bring everything together. It is loaded with features and can automate many of the daily tasks normally required to be set manually by project managers. Gryffin can be thought of as the glue that holds it all together. It integrates with various data sources, provides information in actionable formats, and allows the most complex of SEO projects to be quickly and easily planned out. Gryffin covers everything from tracking rankings to partially automating genuine blogger outreach and link building workflows. 

5.     Google LightHouse – Is a tool that can help website owners analyze a range of factors largely focused on the speed and technical optimization of websites. It looks at factors such as site performance, mobile compatibility, PWS setups (Progressive Web App), and more. With a lot more focus on website loading times and time to a website being usable in Google ranking factors, this is vital information.

While many of the above are paid, there are also a lot of free options (some can include paid upgrades). Of course, with this niche being so popular, it is not surprising that there are thousands of SEO software tools on the market.

Seo Software Tools

How to Easily Manage SEO Campaigns and Tools

Keeping track of what needs doing online for a single campaign can be difficult enough. However, a marketing company is likely to have dozens or hundreds of campaigns running simultaneously.

A few mistakes and missed tasks can destroy a digital company’s reputation or even the entire business. So, why risk it?

This is why we built Gryffin. It was created by a digital marketing company for digital business. It was not created as a tool to sell; it was developed to be the most efficient tool possible to help run an active marketing business effectively.

Gryffin is a smooth, fully tested tool that has already been used to perform thousands of digital marketing tasks. It has major SEO software tools integrated, such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. 

This allows for data-driven tasks and campaigns from within one tool, ensuring that corrective actions are undertaken for the reported results. Want to see how Gryffin can change business processes? Take the 14-day free trial for a test-drive.