Looking for SEO Task Management Software? Look No Further!

SEO has a lot of moving pieces. Content creation, outreach, link earning, on-page SEO, competitor analysis, content promotion, and amplification, reviewing analytics data – the list is endless!  And to get all of these done, you need to work with writers, designers, analysts and more. So how do you keep all of these pieces moving forward to help you maximize your time and investment in SEO?

A powerful SEO Task Management Software can help create order out of chaos, and keeping all of the pieces of the puzzle moving forward while reducing wasted time and spend.

SEO task management can actually do a lot more than simply organize your tasks.

Your SEO task management software should allow you to pull in data from multiple sources – such as Google analytics and Google Search Console – and use the data to create actionable tasks to keep your visibility growing.

What are SEO tasks?

Some examples of SEO tasks that almost every digital marketing team will perform:

  • Research rankable keywords
  • Create content around the keywords found
  • Check the website for duplicate content
  • Guest blog on other websites
  • Optimize pages for primary and semantically related keywords
  • Revamp pages that are slipping in the rankings
  • Build backlinks through outreach and influencers

These are all typical tasks, and some of these tasks include numerous smaller tasks.

How do you keep all of these tasks organized, moving forward, under budget and within deadlines?

SEO Task Management Workflows

A workflow is a series of tasks that need to take place to complete a project.  Many SEO tasks have the same steps that need to be replicated, over and over again.

For example, to create a blog article, you need to go through these stages:

  • Research and identify target keywords
  • Order content with a writer, including article description, target audience, etc
  • Edit the content
  • Write meta title, description, and H1/H2 tags
  • Create visual assets and optimize
  • Upload to the CMS
  • Publish 
  • Track rankings/visibility

Every single content piece has to follow these basic steps.  Consequently, you can use these stages to create a workflow for every content piece, so you can keep each and every piece moving forward.

Workflows help SEOers to be able to see clearly what needs to be done, organize tasks for employees or freelancers, and streamline their processes.

Looking for SEO Task Management Software? Look No Further!

What are Project Management Tools?

Project management tools include any system or software that allows a team or individual to successfully manage a project.

These kinds of tools, like Gryffin, should be flexible enough to manage any kind of project. While Gryffin was designed to manage marketing and SEO projects, it is adaptable enough to successfully manage the tasks of any project, online or offline.

Any quality project management tool should at least include features for planning, collaboration, tracking, file management, and reporting.

Project management tools are specifically designed to manage more than one project at a time and to remove the headaches of organizing and tracking. They help to get more done efficiently and while ensuring both accuracy and deliverability.

These tools help you to provide the service you promise clients, without errors and on schedule.

What if I already use a Project Management Tool?

The key here is to know when it is time to change to a better tool. Sure, familiar is comfortable, but it isn’t always what is best.

Over time companies grow (or at least should do), and so their requirements change. Often a tool that is taken on without much consideration or research at the start, can eventually start to hinder progress.

What’s worse is when you find that more than one tool is being used, each for different parts of projects. This wastes time and creates confusing and unnecessary work.

Using numerous tools can make staff training confusing and client reporting difficult. This leads to hours being lost on extra meetings, questions, and follow-up training.

If this situation is feeling familiar, it is time for you to change your task management software!

How do I manage my SEO projects?

Using an SEO task manager platform is the key to success. Without software that is specifically designed to tackle SEO, such as Gryffin task management, you will be trying to use a whole range of ill-fitting programs to organize your digital marketing activities.

Gryffin provides affordable plans so that a startup entrepreneur or a fully-fledged SEO agency can get the support and organization that they need.

With Gryffin, workflows are automated and there are even ready-to-go templates to get you set up quickly. So, why not give it a try today for free and see what’s possible.