Introducing Gryffin

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Gryffin Project Hub

Manage everything related to your projects in one place with Gryffin!

Gryffin Integrated Inbox

Never chase an email again with Gryffin and turn discussion into action!

Gryffin Tracking of Tasks

Gryffin allows effortless tracking of individual tasks as well as those related to projects. Easy to track, easy to grow with Gryffin!

Gryffin in action

Gryffin Automated Workflows

Learn how easy it is to automate your workflows – and improve your productivity – with Gryffin!

Gryffin Customizable Templates

Gryffin’s customizable project templates allow you to build unlimited creative, collaborative environments.

Gryffin Scalable Workspaces

Workspaces can be anything you want, empowering you to seamlessly increase your workload and production.