What is a Good Tool to Manage Daily Check-ins for a Team?

There’s an old saying that too many cooks spoil the broth. These words of wisdom should be confined to the kitchen because project management in the workplace often involves many “cooks.” The best you can hope for is a way, or rather a tool, to ensure a strong outcome.

Project management software can give your business a complete overview of the projects in the pipeline, which should theoretically facilitate completion of everything on the to-do lists on time.

According to one source, executive leaders say that a lack of well-defined objectives is the most common reason — 37% — behind the derailing of projects, and another source notes that 59% of workers in the U.S. say that communication, or a lack thereof, is the largest obstacle to success.

If project management is the goal, then it’s critical that you have a daily checklist. So, what’s a good tool to manage your daily checklist? One that does it all. Meet Gryffin.

best small team project management software

Task List Friendly

Remember the cooks in the kitchen comment? Gryffin ensures that everyone has the same menu. Gryffin’s task lists feature connected tasks rather than floating milestones. The distinction is important. With the former, you and your team will know exactly what needs to be done in any given day. The importance of Gryffin’s task lists will become all the more pronounced the larger the projects and the more people working on them.

This helps to guarantee that everyone is in the loop is important regardless of the size of the team or complexity of the project.


We all love a good Slack chat, but sometimes it can be annoying to constantly drop in google docs for team members to collaborate on.  Also, how do you reference a specific project you are working on, when Slack doesn’t track projects or tasks?

With Gryffin’s chat, you can make comments on specific projects, project items, and tasks. If you need to speak to specific team members privately, the chat feature allows you to control who has permission to view your chat. Gryffin also makes it possible to upload files within dedicated conversations.

best small team project management software


We all know in the world of sharing copy that Google Docs makes collaboration easy whether team members are working in the same location or remotely. And it’s also free to use as long as users have a Gmail account, which is also free. The Gryffin App features full Google Docs integration, which makes real-time collaboration easy. Not only that, but you can upload and download other files into projects.  If you need instantly shareable URL’s for documents, without having to open and upload to Google Drive or Dropbox, this is a strong feature.

Comprehensive Calendaring

Keeping track of complex projects often means not only staying on top of the project on a whole, but also focusing on individual components and tasks. On Gryffin, you can use advanced filters to  track entire projects, individual tasks, or meetings. You can see a project’s dedicated calendar, or a workspace calendar detailing all of the items within that workspace. You can also filter on the workspace table, and then switch to calendar view.

Whether you need to project projects based on estimated tasks, or simply to create a timeline for a project, Gryffin’s multifaceted Calendar features is a strong addition to any project management tool for teams.

best small team project management software

One Platform for All

best small team project management software

One of the key differences between Gryffin and other project management solutions is that Gryffin is really a central hub that allows you to handle just about anything related to the project lifecycle — from starting the project to paying staff or contractors. Yes, Gryffin includes a built-in invoicing tool, which means that there’s no need to use outside invoicing solutions.

There are lots of good tools out there to manage your daily check list, but Gryffin is a central hub designed to help you and your team over the course of the lifecycle of projects. So, if you want a single platform to handle it all, rather than a collection of apps and technologythat each address certain aspects of project management, check out Gryffin!