What is the Best Program Management Software for Small Businesses?

Small businesses often run on limited resources, which means your business needs to be as efficient as possible. As you scale up and expand your operations, it can be a challenge to maintain the same level of productivity and focus, which can hurt your business in the long run.

Project management software is a great solution that will help you manage your time better. Advances in technology mean that some platforms can even automate tasks for you, making your life—and running your business—even easier.

How to Choose Program Management Software for a Small Business

For the best software to suit your specific needs, you should consider the following factors:

Best Program Management Software

Ease: Project management software should ideally be easy to use. This means that it has to be user-friendly and doesn’t require too much effort. It should also be easy to integrate with the software you already use, or replace the software entirely—the less software you’re using, the less you have to double-check that all your data is synced correctly across multiple platforms (and the less cost you’re incurring to use them!)

Best Program Management Software

Scaling: Small businesses are always looking to grow. They may also have to scale back quickly in case of emergencies. The best project management software should support growth while being versatile and flexible enough to keep up with these ups and downs.

Best Program Management Software

Support: The ideal choice for such software should offer excellent customer support. You shouldn’t be on your own with the inevitable bugs, confusions, and other problems that may arise. Check out the reviews for each software type and see what current users say about this aspect of the product.

Best Program Management Software

Price: The cost of the software is also an important consideration. As you’re a small venture, you can’t afford to make decisions without budgeting for them. Your budget should be flexible enough to get good enough software that would fulfill at least your basic requirements, though.

Some of the Best Program Management Software to Consider

Best Program Management Software


Dropbox is a highly popular app that can sync projects between several computers, phones, and tablets. This way, each member of a team has access to the updates and further instructions of any project. Dropbox works by allowing you to ‘drop’ files directly from a device onto a shared folder.

The working here helps to manage all kinds of feedback and keep it in one place. This makes prioritizing and implementing changes much easier. The interface is simple, with everyone feeling like a team member instead of a follower or leader.

While a Dropbox account is free, this does give the developers behind it the right to delete information. There’s thus always a security concern when you’re using this tool for your project management.

Best Program Management Software


This app allows task planning through flowcharts. Everything is on one screen, allowing for easy management instead of clicking around.

The functionality of Casual is neat, organized, and save a lot of time. It also allows users to focus on one step instead of becoming overwhelmed with the overall goals.

The downside of Casual is that it’s not designed for larger teams and hence not too scalable. Other solutions also provide more features at the same cost. But you should go for Casual because it has an interface that’s easy to navigate, which allows team members to save time and energy.

Best Program Management Software


Trello works through moveable visual boards and allows easy sharing of data. It’s great for creative teams that need agile planning plus monitoring.

Trello provides a shared calendar for easy collaboration and higher transparency. It’s also upgradeable to additions like team overviews and more security.

This software is too basic for more complicated tasks, as it can’t give you the high details of projects. So, if you’re just starting off, Trello is the best choice for kanban or the just-in-time management system.

Best Program Management Software


If communication among team members is your primary concern, using Slack will set your mind at ease. This is free project management software that caters especially to projects on the smaller scales.

Here, you’ll get group chat, file sharing, and many other communication features without having to pay for them. You may also choose to get more features by subscribing to a paid plan. This means that your small company can have streamlined communication between teams and also have further options once you’re large enough to afford a paid project management software program.

The downside is that Slack doesn’t really have many free tools other than message and chat.

The Whole Package: Gryffin

Rather than paying for multiple software, why not use just one? Gryffin was designed by a small business owner who was sick of the time and effort it took to managing and checking multiple project and task management tools each day.

Best Program Management Software

Gryffin is a powerful program management software for businesses of any size. The secret of Gryffin’s success is that it gives you all the tools you need in one place. By bringing together an incredible range of functionality— from project tracking, task and workflow management, to file storage, inbox management, team messaging, invoicing, and more—into one platform, Gryffin helps you streamline your processes and improve your efficiency.

Gryffin is especially valuable for teams with employees who work remotely, as it’s all online, allowing you to access your projects and assign tasks whenever and wherever you want.

Not only that, but Gryffin was designed with scalability in mind. Many businesses quickly outgrow tools like Trello or Asana, which are great for simple projects but can’t handle large-scale operations. Gryffin helps small businesses grow and grows with them!

Want to learn more? Check out the full range of features offered by Gryffin.