What is the Best Software for Task Management?

Productivity is the key to running a competitive business of any kind — which means your company will benefit immensely from finding new ways to streamline the work your employees perform on a regular basis. Need to organize recurring tasks, or track the progress of individual team members?

If you think the answer is “no”, you’re fooling yourself. Organizations that use proven project management techniques waste up to 28x less money than others. Of course you need to do these things if you want to keep making your personnel more efficient. The only question is: what tool can help you do the job best?

Why We Need Task Management

Elbow grease and initiative just aren’t enough anymore. In today’s fast-paced and tech-savvy world, it’s all about collecting concrete data. Data makes progress measurable, which allows you to set better goals and achieve meaningful results.

Not convinced? Consider this: a lack of clear goals accounts for 37% of all project failures.

Splitting projects up into various tasks, assigning them to people on your team with applicable skills, and measuring the progress they make allows you to identify areas for improvement within your company and address challenges that might otherwise go unnoticed. Below, we’ve put together some information on the Gryffin App — a project management tool designed specifically to perform these functions for organizations of any size.

Why Gryffin is the Best Software for Task Management

Gryffin wasn’t originally intended to be a commercial product — we developed it for internal use so that we could save time for our content writers and administrators. We noticed that other project management platforms were missing certain features, such as automatic task tracking and Google integration. At the end of the day, the only way to have a project management tool with everything we wanted was to build it ourselves.

Here are just a few features of Gryffin that you won’t find to the same extent in other programs:

Automatic Task Tracking

When you set up a new module in Gryffin, you’ll be asked to create a workflow for the type of project you’re working on. Creating the workflow guides you through all the tasks required for successful project completion, and remembers them for you so that next time you have a similar project you can create them automatically by selecting the workflow you saved.

Recurring Tasks

Gryffin tracks each project feed so that you can see changes made in real-time. Whenever you’re wondering about the status of a task, just check the app and see the results in front of you, using accurate and easy-to-read Gantt charts.

Chatting within Tasks

There’s no need to use a third-party service when you want to communicate with your team members. Gryffin contains a user-friendly “mentions” feature where members can leave comments in various projects or even on individual tasks themselves, tagging each other as needed.

Assigning Tasks From Emails (or Making the Email a Project)

Unparalleled email integration allows you to create a new project and task directly from an email. Did a client just ask for a new deliverable? Directly create a project from the email, sharing with your team any insights that could better move the project along.

Invoice Tasks Instantly

In today’s gig economy, it’s no surprise that many teams are a combined with freelancers and contractors, especially when it comes to design projects. If a team member is paid per task or project item, easily have them invoice directly from the project!

With a host of other features including built-in invoicing and an intuitive calendar, the Gryffin App offers a range of unique advantages to project managers and their teams. Compare it with other leading project management platforms and find out how you can take your company’s productivity to the next level with one of the most progressive tools on the market.