What SEO Professionals Should Look for in Agency Project Management Software

Your agency’s project management software serves as the primary tool to track communications, delegate assignments, and audit results while also providing transparency that strengthens the client/agency relationship.

An effective project management software platform enables the agency to showcase all efforts that drive current marketing campaigns and how those outreach efforts reinforce results and improve organic rankings.

Every project management software design is unique, but the most successful platforms incorporate five major capabilities that are crucial for both the success of the agency and the overall satisfaction of its clients.

Tracking Email

Project managers, agency principals, editors, freelancers and client contacts all need to maintain seamless communication.

Company or private email isn’t always the easiest platform for instant contact, because, too often, emails often go unchecked during the busiest hours of the day.

Instead, software platforms should feature email functions that allow team members and clients to instantly communicate. Emails can be delivered through the system or messaging can be designed as a direct message approach.

A successful agency project management system must have easy-to-navigate messaging capabilities to ensure seamless communication and help facilitate a rapid response rate for priority assignments and tasks. However, these communications also can be easily archived and used to reference and measure link-building strategies and help facilitate campaign audits.

Scaling Your Efforts

The best software allows for each client to remain unique and separate regarding workflow, assignments, invoicing and auditing purposes.

All clients should have individualized logins that give them access to messaging, workflow management and other pertinent data; this allows for more open communication between the agency and the client, but it also allows the client to gain a better grasp of when each task or outreach goal is being completed and the results of each effort.

Creating a Hub for Spreadsheets

Google, SEMrush, Ahrefs, the spreadsheet list goes on and on.  Every agency needs a management system that can save and store multiple spreadsheets for every client and that enables everyone on the client team to easily view all documents.

Filing each spreadsheet and task list on a hard drive isn’t practical, because clients want and need to gain easy access to these documents. Project managers also require ease of access for referencing task completion, monitoring link building strategies and ultimately measuring results of a campaign.

It’s important to have an effective method to organize, track and find all of these spreadsheets used by the different teams working on a campaign.

Managing Recurring Tasks

Your project management software should make tracking recurring tasks easy; ideally, every task should be reflected as a line item list that allows users to pull up all details for each assignment.

Team members and clients should be able to scroll through each item and see an assignment date, the contact for the assignment, a task completion date and other pertinent information.

The goal is to promote transparency and show clients the results and status for every single detail related to their SEO campaign.

Tracking Invoices and Expenses

Agencies that utilize freelancers need an easy invoicing system in place.

The agency project management software you choose should be designed to make assignments, billing, and communication and campaign audits easier and more transparent.

The right software will provide clients with an easy resource to view the success and progress of their campaign and to facilitate additional communication.

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