What Will Project Management Look Like in the Age of AI?

Imagine the day when you sit down to do your work for the day and your AI assistant has already got your fully updated schedule ready to go.

While this may seem like far-off fantasy, we are closer than you think. It won’t be long before you can assign some of those everyday tasks to a system that can streamline the process.

ai project management tools

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X.AI is an artificial intelligence system that works primarily with scheduling. It describes itself as a “ridiculously efficient AI software” that is designed to take the hassle out of manually scheduling your day. This sophisticated AI engine picks up on when, where, and who you meet the most.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas X.AI can help with scheduling:

  • Your Inbox: When emailing a client or colleague, make sure to CC X.AI into the email. From here, they’ll be able to schedule your meeting without any time-consuming back and forth.
  • On Your Slack: X.AI can set up a meeting for you without interrupting your train of thought, or current project.
  • Your Webpage: X.AI can set up a personalized webpage on your website where clients and guests to set up a meeting with one click.
  • Your Calendar: this system software will always include a reschedule button in their invitations, cutting you further out of the process of pinning someone down.ai project management tools

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Google Duplex

The newest artificial intelligence through Google to invest in is Google Duplex. This new systematic software allows you to conduct natural conversations over the phone. Using this, you can achieve real-world tasks more efficiently.

The program is explicitly directed toward completing certain types of tasks; these include scheduling appointments. For jobs like this, the system allows your clients and colleagues to speak into the phone like they would with a person.

While Google Duplex is advanced, it does have its limitations. For example, it’s only trained to have conversations related directly to the required task. This means that it cannot conduct generalized conversations with humans.

Ultimately, Google Duplex allows you to schedule appointments over the phone as you would with a real personal; this means that you can still sound as natural as possible.

ai project management tools



Botkeeper describes themselves as the “future of bookkeeping.” They also say that you’ll save both time and money by automating your bookkeeping through Botkeeper.

So, what does Botkeeper do? It provides bookkeeping services to businesses. It does this by combining skilled accountants and automatic data entry that is carried out through AI and machine learning.

Clients of Botkeeper receive 24/7 support as well as exemplary insight into their personal finances. This is all on display through the user-friendly dashboard. Botkeeper clients are also offered extensive reporting, so they can keep up with the work that’s being automated.

Botkeeper implements their software by gathering both non-financial and financial data. It has the ability to categorize this data under different labels. These labels may include expenses, accrued revenue, bills, invoices, and outgoings.

Their accountants will handle the numbers side of things, carrying out complex accounting tasks.

ai project management tools

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Mobile Monkey

When you own a business, marketing is key. As you may already know, it is beneficial to invest in online marketing. There is an endless scope of companies out there who can assist with this.

Mobile Monkey is a chatbot; this means that it handles the marketing side of things for you, primarily on your Facebook. Let’s take a look at a few features that Mobile Monkey provides:

  • Automate Your Chatbot: If you don’t have time to respond to FAQs and make appointments, Mobile Monkey can do so for you through their chatbot.
  • Live Chat: If you find some spare time in your schedule or have a customer query that requires a more specific answer, you can jump into your chatbot and override the automation.
  • Facebook Ads: Implement new Facebook Ad formats for your business that can set your customers up for a lifetime of engagement.

With a marketing manager like Mobile Monkey, you’ll find your online marketing campaigns become seamless.

A Look Ahead with Gryffin

So what do all these tools have in common? They use AI to talk to each other, bridging the gap between task management and messenger service, inbox and calendars and chabots, and so on.

At Gryffin, we recognize the importance of connectivity in project management. In fact, our goal in building Gryffin was to (1) create an ecosystem that brought together all parts of project management and (2) automate our workflows to streamline those connections and improve productivity. We haven’t integrated AI (yet), but we’ve got our finger on the pulse of project management, and we know where it’s headed.

The future is closer than ever, and we’re with you every step of the way.