Why You Need to be Able to Customize Your Creative Workflow Management Software

The best creative agency project management software has to adapt for your company. One size does not fill all!

But, here’s the deal, that software also has to simplify how your team synergizes, stores and shares information, too.  You can’t keep up with each client’s project specifications with software that’s clunky and inflexible. You need control over workflow, and that software also needs to simplify invoicing,  streamline task assignments, and boost communication between team members.

Project Chat

When managing projects, communication is key, and where it happens is almost as important as what is said. Think beyond basic email…because those messages are lost all the time.  If you can’t chat where you are running your projects, communication will definitely be lost in translation.

Your workflow management software should take communication to the next level. Messages should be seamless and integrated with your projects. Alerts and notifications should guarantee that every conversation is front and center so that no one misses a project update or, most importantly, a deadline.

It can get even better! A great workflow management software also lets you control who sees every message.  Want to keep a note to a team member private from a client? Want to leave a note to a team member about the quality of work?  It’s important to be able to say what you want, and who you want to say it to, where the action is happening.

Task Management

We know your agency’s workflow needs are as unique as your company. This is why workflow customization is one of the most important features of any successful creative agency project management system. Agencies need a system that works for the entire team—and the client.

It should be easy to customize how each campaign is handled.  Whether you need a client’s approval at every step of a project, or only at the end – there should be a way to program this workflow into your system.  Approval processes, deadlines, pre-programmed tasks and team members should be easily set and tracked. The software shouldn’t call the shots. You run this show!

File Sharing

A software platform needs to allow for storing and sending large data files. But–and this is huge!–the platform also needs to let you drop in numerous attachments. Like hi-res images, videos and sound files.

All these files should be a click away–for the team and the client. And you should NOT have to link those files separately. Clients don’t want to be inundated with multiple communiqués because files had to be sent (or saved) individually.

Instead, link all those files in one place. Now your team –and the client– can view everything, in context, with a single drag and drop or a click. If you want quicker approvals for project turnarounds, instant file sharing is essential!

Control the Task Visibility

Not every team member needs to see everything. You don’t want clients, or other team members, to see who is performing each task, do you?   Your software should NOT be an all-access pass for every team member.

Customizing visibility is critical for a comprehensive workflow management software.  Having control over what each team or individual says can be the difference between the success or failure of a project.   Let principals, managers and the client peep in on every task, deadline and update. Meanwhile, your agency can ensure that certain tasks and info are not visible to those who don’t need it:

Clean Up Invoicing

Let’s be real; invoicing can be such a hassle for agencies. Especially if your agency employs freelancers and remote team workers.

How do you streamline the process of verifying what work has or hasn’t been paid, while keeping your payments on time?

It’s time to combine your workflow management software with your invoicing!   Your software should give you the ability to pay different freelancers or team members differently.  It should also control when projects are approved for invoicing, and track payments made and project costs.

How you handle invoicing should be as customizable as your workflow.

Take a Test Drive!

Before you commit to a creative agency project management software system, take a test drive of the system to ensure that it can be customized to meet the needs of the agency…and your clients.

For creative agencies, customization is the key to successful project management, client communication, and, of course, SUCCESS!

What are you waiting for? Take Gryffin for a test drive today!