Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Only Task Management Software You Need For Your Team

Every business owner wants to run a productive organization, but that’s often easier said than done. After all, productivity isn’t just some vague concept—it’s the result of many variables being carefully controlled all at once. If you want to make your business more productive, you can’t just will it into being so. Instead, you’ll have to improve the way you manage multiple projects and with that–multiple tasks.

But between calendar notifications, slack pop-ups, or just forgetting a task entirely because it got lost in your inbox, task management software doesn’t often work the way we need it to.

What Is Task Management?

A lot of different processes fall under the “task management” umbrella, so it’s often difficult to know where to start with your business. One strategy we can’t recommend enough is choosing a comprehensive task management tool that can help your company streamline multiple procedures simultaneously.

best team task management tools

Consider this: more than 75% of American workers say they don’t have access from their employers to the kind of cutting-edge technology that could make their work more efficient. Give your team a tool that helps them do more with less, and you can make sure they’re always in that top 25% of productive and satisfied workers.

There’s only catch: not all project management tools are created equal. That being the case, you need to assess your company’s needs and choose task management software capable of meeting them.

Below, we’ll walk you through some of the most common concerns businesses face today. We’ll then show you how task management software is designed to solve these problems, and finish by looking specifically at the improvements offered by our personal favourite tool on the market: the Gryffin App.

The Six Biggest Problems for Most Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SME)

The majority of SMEs experience some level of struggle in the following areas:


Most projects usually end up being more complex than they sounded when they were introduced at the last meeting. If you aren’t careful, it’s easy to let the moving parts of your latest endeavor get away from you and slow down your work. That’s probably why spreadsheet use is becoming less frequent.

Take Agile, for instance—a popular but complex approach to software development. Spreadsheet use for Agile projects dropped a full 7% from 2015 to 2016, suggesting that those who work on multifaceted projects are looking elsewhere for ways to organize them.

The fact is, managing tasks in spreadsheets is about as efficient as keeping a rolodex. There’s a better way to make organization and communication run smoothly.

best team task management tools


Once a project has been established, it’s vital to make sure the people working on it are able to communicate seamlessly. Companies with employees connected in a communication channel are estimated to be as much as 25% more productive than those without them.

Most task management apps have some kind of feature that allows different users to communicate with each other, either in groups or via direct messaging. Without one, it’s too easy for members of the same team to miss essential information—which can result in incomplete projects or wasted time due to redundancies. Don’t make the mistake of assuming email will be enough. Nearly a quarter of all workers believe email actually slows them down.


When large projects are broken down into individual tasks, it often creates a situation in which certain parts can’t be completed until others have been. That’s why all successful project management apps need scheduling features.

best team task management tools

Calendars should be par for the course with any serious task management tool. They create an unambiguous visual reference for the amount of time remaining on different tasks.


Many companies struggle to make sure that different members of a given project understand their responsibilities clearly. Even when specific roles are assigned in person, it can be difficult to keep track of them throughout the duration of a project—especially when that project shifts or changes.

A task management tool that allows project managers to assign specific roles to team members as well as individual tasks is one that can keep the entire group focused on their important responsibilities.


Task management software shouldn’t just help you with your current workload. It should also provide valuable data you can use to make your next project more efficient. Strangely enough, most industries have applied this concept liberally to customer acquisition—but not to improving productivity in their own organizations. Too many companies take a data-driven approach to their marketing or customer service—but not when it comes to identifying areas in which they could make their own employees more efficient.

best team task management tools

Select cutting-edge task management tools are now allowing project managers to track their activity, as well as that of their team members. Doing so allows them to see where there’s room for improvement—for example, which of your team members are struggling to complete their tasks on time—and take a constructive approach to solving the issue.

Payroll and Invoicing.

This is one area where more task management software comes up short. There are dedicated tools like Freshbooks that make invoicing fairly easy (and even Paypal has a built-in feature that can be useful when dealing with outside contractors). However, tools that combine the ability to invoice with solutions for the other challenges listed above and below are extremely few and far between.

How the Gryffin App Is The Only Task Management Software You Need

best team task management tools

The Gryffin App is a unique contender in the realm of project management software because it’s designed to function as a central hub. No need to leave Trello or Basecamp and open up Freshbooks when you want to send an invoice—just use the built-in invoicing tool in the Gryffin App itself.

Crucially, the Gryffin App provides unique support for users in these ways without sacrificing other task management essentials. Users will still be able to experience the following core functions of other task management platforms, but with handy bonus features that add power and flexibility:

  • Task lists—with connected tasks instead of floating milestones that can be difficult to keep track of on large projects.
  • Chats—that come with the ability to mention team members directly and upload files within dedicated conversations.
  • File-sharing—with full Google Docs integration that makes real-time collaboration a breeze.
  • Email support—plus the ability to create new projects directly from emails.
  • A clear and complete calendar—with advanced filters that let you keep track of whole projects, individual tasks, meetings, and more!

Achieving productivity isn’t about pushing yourself and the people around you to put in more effort. It’s about making sure you have tools at your disposal that will help you meet your goals with fewer unnecessary steps. Choose task management software that will save you time on the tasks that matter most for your business—or cover all your bases and simply pick one platform that does it all. You’ll be glad you did.