Maximize Productivity with Workflow Automation Software

Workflows, as any good manager will tell you, are the only reason anything ever gets done on time. Without them, business processes function entirely on guesswork and intuition, which can get the job done but in a grossly inefficient manner.

Precious working days are lost in just coordinating between the various departments and the teams responsible for the different aspects of a project, with the smallest of missteps causing serious setbacks that delay delivery.

In this day and age, with widespread availability of software tools to streamline and automate everything, there’s simply no reason for this to be delaying your team’s progress. Workflow automation software is no exception, with a plethora of services existing to make managing even the most complex of workflows a breeze.

What is a Workflow?

Simply put, workflow is a chain of activities that need to be undertaken for accomplishing a particular project. For example, you may need to create an email campaign for marketing your products and services. The workflow for this project might look something like this:

  • Generate a list of addresses to be contacted
  • Prepare a brief of products to be marketed
  • Craft the email copy to be sent
  • Design images to be included in the emails
  • Schedule the emails based on market research
  • Send the emails

When this list of steps is formalized and incorporated into organizational planning, it is referred to as a workflow. The key here is repeatability; there is little point in planning out an elaborate plan of action if it is only to be carried out once.

Workflows work best when applied to activities that need to be done repeatedly, which, if you stop to think for a moment, constitutes the majority of the tasks performed within any business.

Why You Need an Automated Workflow

Implementing a good workflow by itself significantly increases your productivity. By organizing all the daily tasks of your company into smoothly structured workflows, you ensure that all processes are always carried out in a timely manner.

What then, is the need for automating your workflow?

The answer is simple. Efficiency.

workflow automation software

While it is certainly possible to manage everything manually, after a certain point, it becomes quite tricky to juggle multiple workflows without running into errors and delays.

No matter how well you manage your manual workflow, you will slip up eventually, and miss something important. The problem with manual workflows is that losing a single step often derails the whole process; by the time you realize something is wrong, it may result in a delayed deliverable.

Using a workflow automation software can drastically cut down on the number of such errors, besides making your life much easier.

Managing a workflow with a dedicated software also streamlines the progression of tasks, by highlighting and assigning them through a transparent interface. A good workflow automation software would also facilitate internal communication between the stakeholders of the workflow, allowing the participants to iron out any issues quickly and efficiently.

workflow automation software

Furthermore, automation frees up valuable employee time from unproductive tasks like coordinating through emails or passing around files from one stage to another. This allows them to focus on the more critical aspects of the workflow, which need human ingenuity and enterprise.

Workflow Automation Software

Seeing how critical a workflow is to the efficient operation of your business, choosing the right workflow automation software is very important. A good software would take care of all the little details; from facilitating internal communication to automatically assigning tasks in the next stage of the current workflow.

Moreover, a powerful workflow automation tool provides a common interface for all your different kinds of workflows, uniting them in a single window for convenience and ease of use. This helps keep track of the more complex, interconnected systems that involve multiple departments and resources, and carry them out smoothly.

workflow automation software

Gryffin is a leading workflow automation software used by marketing teams and agencies to improve their operations.

With Gryffin your teams can collaborate in real time, leveraging the built in project chats for instant communication and coordination. Project auditing tools allow managers to keep track of task assignments and progress, along with cloud storage facilities to hold all files relevant to the project.

Gryffin also gives an array of project templates to choose from to hit the ground running, with its scalable system rising to meet the changing needs of your project as it matures.

workflow automation software

And at the centre of it all is the project hub, uniting every functionality you could need to manage your project – from tracking deadlines and scheduling meetings to generating invoices and reports – in a single, clutter free interface.


No matter which vertical you work with, be it finance or marketing, implementing a proper workflow and automating it can provide huge benefits. A well designed workflow automation software can speed up business operations significantly.

By freeing up time from repetitive, mundane tasks, your workforce is able to devote more energy to their actual jobs that require creativity and decision making ability. Management of your organisation becomes more streamlined and formalised, leaving little room for guesswork or delays.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your workflows automated. You can thank me later.