How to Use Workflow Automation in 2020

Plenty of people just get their work done the best way they know how, which, all too often, isn’t very efficient.  Why continue updating spreadsheets or writing down to do lists in a notepad when you can use technology to make all of this infinitely more streamlined?

If you’re sick of sending emails, hoping things get done, and having to work backwards because you’ve missed a step, there is a better way.

First, you need to design a clear workflow, meaning a detailed plan, broken down into simple steps, that allows every part of every project to get done in an orderly, timely fashion.

And, to make things even easier, you can then automate this workflow. Automating your workflow means that you design a clear plan of action, automate each process by dictating separate tasks, and then sit back and watch the work happen.

Gryffin makes workflow automation easier, more possible, and more efficient than ever before. Not only can you customize your workflows- which is a whole lot better than trying to work around the existing workflows of another platform- but you can also share data, files, emails, and more–effortlessly.

Why Bother?

If you don’t currently have a workflow automation system in place and your work is still getting done, you might think, why bother?

We hear you. Having to adapt to a whole new way of doing things can be difficult, but that’s the beauty of Gryffin. You don’t have to adapt to our system. It adapts to you. With easy-to-use drag and drop workflow and template builders, you can get work done your way. And, when you do, you’ll experience a lot of great benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced employee frustration and increased satisfaction
  • Better communication
  • Improved productivity
  • Better reporting
  • Improved auditing capabilities
  • Increased accountability for each employee 
  • Improved policy compliance adherence
  • Fewer errors
  • Faster approval cycles
  • Continual improvements over time

What Industries Use Automated Workflows?

All kinds of industries and organizations use automated workflows to make their working lives easier.

A few of the industries that commonly make use of automated workflows are:

  • Information Technology: Automated workflows are perfect for handling everything from service requests to security incident protocols.
  • Sales and Purchasing: Handle vendor management, invoicing, and more.
  • Finance: From expense approval to grant management, automated workflows have got you covered!
  • Marketing: Workflow automation is the ideal solution for campaign and collateral approval and brand management.
  • Legal: Make client intakes and reviewing contracts easier than ever before.
  • HR: Employee onboarding, leave requests, and benefits can all be managed efficiently and effectively with automated workflows.

Really, any industry can benefit from workflow automation. So, whether your specialization is on the list above or not and no matter how simple or how complex your daily operations, automated workflows can work for you!

Workflow Automation in 2020

How to Build a Custom Workflow

Convinced that automated workflows are for you?  Give it a try with Gryffin.

You simply use our drag and drop interface to add and order tasks within the workflow. Once you’ve got them looking the way you want, you can further customize and elaborate on each task and what needs to be done.

Using our system for dynamic dates and project owners, you can simply assign the people in charge of a project, and the workflow will dynamically create and assign tasks and due dates.  Your employees will get to work, and projects will get completed right before your eyes.

It couldn’t be easier. You don’t have to be a tech genius to build your workflow. As long as you have a clear idea of what needs to get done to achieve your end result, you can make automated workflows work for you.

Get Started Today

It’s obvious that workflow automation is the way to go. What’s not obvious is why you haven’t jumped on board yet!

If you haven’t made the switch to workflow automation, do it today…before your competitors do!

And, if you have made the switch, but are less than thrilled with the results, come on over to Gryffin. We’ll change your mind and make you see the true power of workflow automation.

No matter where you stand currently, don’t waste another minute without quality workflow automation backing your business.